Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years!

Hey guys,

It's that time of year again, and as I've consecutively mentioned every New Years Day -Resolutions are pointless. I believe that having a goal (or a list of goals) you desire to accomplish is amazing. It shows that you are driven, but why set a resolution for new years? Surely we should strive to better ourselves every single day we have the opportunity to live on this earth. Yes -it is "harder than it sounds" and "easier said than done" I one-hundred and ten percent agree with you. I'm living proof that resolutions do not work. If you are new to my blog (or do not remember what my 2015 new years eve post was) I set myself a short resolutions list of tasks I thought would be achievable -most of which I failed within the first week or so.

My old list consisted of the following:
  1. Keep all of my Resolutions
  2. No more sweets
  3. No more fizzy drinks
  4. Be nicer to people
  5. Sleep before 9:30pm 
  6. get an A in French and maths
  7. Join 5 new clubs
  8. Write a book
Today I want to look back over 2015 and really get to appreciate how life changing the year was for me. I have both gained and lost friends, enrolled in a new school, participated in a summer program called NCS, partook in a weeks work experience, Prom, Dubai, reunited with most of my family members (we all live in separate parts of London), flirtationship?, began to establish my own sense of style, passed all of my GCSEs and many other amazing events that would take me the whole of 2016 if I was to jot them down.

This year of 2016, I plan on starting afresh. I would say that I am a completely different person today than I was this time last year and I owe a lot of that to my friends -both old and new- as well as NCS and the new school I am attending (all of which I will fill you in on)

Whilst on the topic of New Beginings...
I have decided to post once a week, although I haven't quite figured out my timetable and where I can fit this in, blogging is definitely something that I miss doing and you will definately be seeing a lot more of me and my content this year!

Happy new year!
Love you all x