Sunday, 24 January 2016

January playlist

Hey guys,

I have been experiencing a lot of technical difficulties with my computer, I am not quite sure what the problem is but I am experiencing a lot of pop-up ads and trouble when conducting basic tasks such as typing. If you know how to fix this problem please get into contact with me and I apologise in advance if the layout and or font sizes of my posts  are a little off.

I am a firm believer that our taste in music is a reflection of how we feel within at a certain period of time. An example of this is, often when I am in a sad or gloomy mood I will generally jam out to chilled music e.g. Ed sheeran or Owl city whereas if I am in a calm -perhaps nostalgic- mood, I will most likely listen to the classics e.g. The Beetles, Greenday or Coldplay

This month I have been feeling a mixture of things, which may explain why I've got a few throwbacks in the mix

I haven't posted my playlist in a very long time, so enjoy:

X Ambassadors - Renegades
X Ambassadors - Moving day
X Ambassadors - Gorgeous
X Ambassadors - Low life
Beyoncé - Irreplaceable
Jordin Sparks, Chris Brown - No Air (Official Video) ft. Chris Brown
Keri Hilson- Pretty girl rock
Mario - Just a friend
Kelly Roland - Stole
Usher - Burn
Usher, Alicia Keys - My Boo
Usher - Confessions
Destiny's Child - Survivor
Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

Destiny's Child - Say My Name
Nsync - Bye bye bye 

Anyway, I've got another quote for you all,

Music is a big part of who we are and can say a lot about us.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Facial routine & Review

Hey guys,

So as part of the whole "New Year New Me" malarkey that I've been striving to commit to, and as I don't currently use make-up I've decided to invest in some facial products to help keep my skin smooth.

(This is only my personal experience with these products, I am fully aware that different people have different skin types and therefore may have a range of experiences when using facial products).

I'm pretty sure that you can purchase all of these items from any Boots worldwide

 Item #1

This removes excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells 
Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

I usually use this daily wash first, only because I think it's the harshest due to the micro beads and the way they feel on my skin when I use the wash. I would say be very cautious when using this product although I'm not sure whether my experience had anything to do with the facial wash or not, but when I first began using this product I began to break out more than I had prior to using it. That being said, I would strongly advise that if you are acne prone or have sensitive skin, you stay away from this product as it has proven to be quite harsh on the skin.

The thing that I love about this product -and all the products in my facial routine- is that they are not only effective, but also reasonably affordable so when I run out I can quickly replace them without leaving a dent in my pocket.

 Item #2

approximately £1.30
This Simple Moisturising Facial Wash is my current favourite and the second in my daily morning routine as (and this is just my opinion) I feel like its a good balance for the skin after using the harsh Clean and clear wash. I find it also balances out the scents that may remain on my face after using first wash, adding a more gentle aroma. 
The wash feels really smooth and soft when in contact with my face, removing all sweat and dirt that may remain after having used my first wash. I've had really good experience with this wash as it works effectively without drying out my skin or caused random breakouts.
The product supposedly works best when massaged into a small lather, then applied onto wet skin before being thoroughly rinsed off.

 Item #3

I use this Boots Brand facial wash last in my routine, for no particular reason. At this point, it is not necessary to use another facial wash, but the cucumber in general is beneficial for the skin, so I thought I may as well try this product out.
Okay so there are many different reasons why I purchased this item. The first is whilst I was partaking in work experience at Boots, many customers requested this product and so Ii became curious. The second reason is that Boots were doing a deal in which you could choose three facial items for £3 -so giving in to my inner self- I couldn't resist the bargain. 
The third reason why I am experimenting with this wash is that it does not contain any alcohol. I personally have nothing against facial products which contain alcohol, but my sister did mention that alcohol-free products may be healthier for the skin, so I thought I'd try t his out and see the effects it has on my skin.
This Boots Cucumber Facial removes excess oils from the face, leaving my skin feeling refreshed after use. When applied, I would say this is the smoothest out of the three washes on the skin, leaving my face feeling soft and smooth. The application process is very similar to that of the Clean & Clear and the Simple wash.

 Item #4

 The Cucumber Cleansing lotion has got to be my least favourite and the final in my facial routine. I no longer use this as often as I used to -perhaps three times  a week.
I would suggest that people who have dryer skin use this product as it provides -from my experience- more moisture than the previously mentioned products. When used, I tend to apply this cleansing lotion last as I generally wipe it off instead of rinsing it off so I can avoid getting my face wet again.

p.s. I really need to find a good surface to start taking pictures on

Anyway, I've got another quote for you all,

"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of  makeup"
Demi Moore

Thursday, 14 January 2016

January/December haul

Hey guys,

 (All images featured in today's post have been taken from my Instagram page @Trustinjess)

The holidays have a very rare talent of bringing together the three main things I love the most. Shopping, family and friends.

One thing I'm sure we can all agree with is that nothing cleanses our minds in the midst of all the school work and pressure from our jobs better than a little retail therapy.

I have spent the greater portion of the last two months attempting to purchase everything on my 2015 shopping wishlist -thankfully I am almost halfway through it.
Listing every individual purchase I have made since the beginning of the holiday period could be too tedious to read, so I thought it would be a good idea to list my most recent purchases of 2016. I will do a complete haul once I've succeeded in purchasing everything on my wishlist.

Item #1

One of my most recently purchased items is this non-wired lace Bra from H&M for £6.99. I'm usually not one to buy into trends, but I saw quite a few images similar to this on instagram, and thought "why not?" There doesn't always have to be a particular reason behind purchasing something. What can I say? Spontaneity is key. 

Item #2

This bucket bag I purchased from Zara £23 (on sale) but if I remember correctly, the full price is £30. I am so happy to have finally found a bucket bag! Yup won't believe me if I told you I have been searching for one of these for just under seven months. In a way, I am very happy that it took me this long to buy one because I feel like I've changed so much as a person since the start of summer. Now what does this have to do with a bag? Everything. My point is that in the moment, you might want something so badly that you may rush into buying it, but sometimes I think that taking a step back to evaluate whether you actually want that particular style or colour of an item could make a huge difference. For example, when the bucket bag first appeared on my wishlist, I wanted it to be a camel/tan shade, despite the fact that I never wear that colour. Had I purchased the bag when I wanted to, it would most likely be collecting dust somewhere at the back of my closet.

Item #3


I purchased this pair of black dungarees from Topshop £58. This, like my bucket bag has been on my shopping wishlist for a ridiculously long time. I originally had my eyes on a similar pair of dungarees from Urban outfitters (I think that was £60), but then found this pair on sale at topshop and knew that I had to purchase it £30. I think I've adopted the bad habit of purchasing something just because it is on sale regulars less of how little I am saving.

This outfit consists of  all white Adidas originals £70, a pair of Topshop black dungarees £58, a striped black high-necked top from Primark (which was an old birthday gift that I would estimate was priced around £6-8)

Item #4 

These are a pair of size 6, black leather platform shoes from Office ( originally priced at £68. This was the best purchase in my opinion. I remember being in Topshopshopping for school shoes with my friend Kayleigh when this pair of shoes caught my eye. I picked them up, checked the price and brought out £80 to purchase them. When I had gotten to the till the woman processed them then asked for £38. There is literally no better way of shopping than unknowingly buying an item on sale. 
(Mini review)
I have been wearing these shoes to school for the past week and my experience with them is overall quite positive.  I would say, despite being a leather shoe the interior is very comfortable -although I do have trouble with when I wear ankle socks as they repeatedly  ride down as I walk.

Item #5

The above photo is an example of the type of outfits I wear to school. We are encouraged to wear "business attire" but I have seen many people getting away with  wearing smart-casual attire, so I thought I'd join in.

The necklace is from forever 21 £4.50, black trousers from H&M £7.99, Black bomber jacket from Zara £40, Pull & Bear striped shirt £13

(Just in case you hadn't noticed) I did purchase some of these items on sale, so I've put down the original price just in case you're interested in buying them and they are no longer on sale

Anyway, I've got another quote for you all,

I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.
Tommy Cooper