My Bucket List

Hey guys,

some of you may question some of the spirations on this list, but bear in mind I've had it since I was nine

Create a Blog
Attend a show at London Fashion Week
Throw a surprise birthday party for a close friend
Buy a DSLR camera
Host my own charity event
Go to a spa 
See the Eiffel tower
Go up the Eiffel Tower
Have my blog read in at least one country in every continent
Adopt a pet dog
Visit Disneyland
Go snorkelling 
Learn how to ride a bike
Reach 20,000 page views on my blog
Watch the sunset
Cliff dive into the ocean
Ride on a Camel
Have a silly string fight
Travel the world
Ride an elephant
Throw change into a fountain and make a wish
Attend a rooftop party
Have a watergun fight
Go shopping in Paris
Go sky diving
Ride a horse
Write my own book
Eat a croissant from a bakery in Paris
Go indoor rock climbing
Let go of a floating lantern
Go on holiday with just my friends (no adults)
See the northern lights
Attend a masquerade ball
Go on a road trip
Visit a walk through aquarium
Learn five new songs on my guitar
Learn to play a musical instrument
Take photos in a photo booth
Crowd surf
Learn a foreign language
Swim with dolphins
Tie messages to balloons and let them go
Get a yearbook
Visit Hawaii
Have a water balloon fight
Tour europe
Go to Greece
Eat pizza in Italy
Travel Business class
Travel first class
Go to university
Buy a polaroid camera
Visit Jamaica
Go on holiday with my friends
Laugh until I cry
Visit Thailand
Find my own fashion sense 
Have a photo-shoot with my friends
Travel to Australia
Go to a theme park with my friends
Have a paintball fight
Go to a waterpark
Send a message in a bottle
Go to a drive-through safari
Take part in a huge charity fundraiser
Try Bubble tea
Give food and water to the less fortunate around London
Carve my name into a tree
Speak to someone from another country
Host a boot sale
Be a vegetarian for at least a month
Have a sleepover
Stargaze on the hood of a car
Use an underwater camera
Eat a six course meal
Go to work experience
Visit all the important sights in London
Share something personal with my Blog viewers
Throw a dart on a map and travel where it lands
Watch a fireworks display on bonfire night
Visit Times Square
Be an extra on a TV show or movie production
Make scented candles
Start my own charity
Raise over £500 for charity
Ride in a limo
Fly in a helicopter
Have movie marathon
Meet a few fellow bloggers
Learn how to surf
Go to a drive-in movie
Have a food fight
Have a picnic on the beach