Thursday, 25 September 2014

Beautyuk Posh Pout Lip Review

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I was looking through my drafts and I stumbled across this.
My BeautyUK Posh Pout Lip Review, just itching to be completed and posted.
These are some of my favourite products from their whole collection, but unfortunately,  today I only have three balms to review; Power to the purple, Sugarplum fairy and Big pinkin'.


If you're in search of a product which will add colour and is easy and quick to apply to your lips, then Beautyuk Posh Pout Lip crayons could be the ones for you. They are available in six different shades of pinks with hints of purple and red, so all you have to do is pick the one that most compliments your face and skin. 
If you're you have a darker complection, like me, I'd recommend either the Power to the Purple or the Sugar plum fairy shades.
Big pinkin' Sugar Plum FairyPower To The Purple,Corally Incorrect, How Nude! and  Would I Lilac To You?

They are currently retailing for £2.99 at each at Superdrug, which I think is an amazing price due to the effectiveness of the products. 

Left to right: Power to the purple, Big Pinkin', a repeat of Power to the Purple and last is Sugarplum Fairy

Positive aspects:
1. The fact that they are a lip balm means they are really hydrating
2.It's a twist up packaging so need to fuss with sharpeners
3.The colours are Long-lasting
4.Cheap price (I got them for free from a blogger meet-up)
5.Minty scent
6. Smoothness causes it to gently glide across your lips

I only have a few improvements to share about this product; 
First of all, the 'Power to the Purple' balm tends to leave a semi-strong tint on my lips even after a few hours of removal (testament to their long lasting abilities) which I'm not happy with and, I'm not sure if the products have the same affect on anyone else but although smooth and easy to apply, they tend to dry out my lips which is the complete opposite to what lip balms are supposed to do. 
If this also happens to you, you could do what I do by applying a thin coat of  Shea lip butter on my top lip before applying any shade of the Posh pouts onto my bottom lip, then I blend them together using my lips. This is a good way to sport the colour of the balms whilst keeping the moisture.
The packaging is also quite fragile, not in the sense that it'll break on touch, but I found that if I left it in my pocket with anything else, the packaging will start to scar and peal, making the overall product look very old very quickly. My last query is that the balms are easily transferred from your lips to any surface, so I have to be cautious around my clothes and furniture.

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Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,